International BPA Registry

In March 2018, the ICA launched the International BPA Registry, a prospective, observational, multicentre, multinational registry to investigate the safety and efficacy of BPA in CTEPH patients who are not eligible for PEA. Until March 2020, 500 consecutive patients were prospectively enrolled in 18 centres across 10 countries. Patients were followed up until 31 March 2022, to allow for a minimum observation period of 2 years.

The main objectives for this registry were to:

  • Investigate the safety and efficacy of BPA in CTEPH patients
  • Assess the change in haemodynamic values from baseline to post BPA
  • Compare and contrast BPA techniques across regions and sites

Expert centres from Europe, Japan and the United States taking care of CTEPH patients and performing BPA participated in this registry. For a list of participating centres, please visit the registry’s entry on

The International BPA Registry was funded by Bayer AG.

More information is available on under NCT03245268.