The slides presented during the ICC 2014 can be downloaded, to the extent permission was received from the speaker.

Session Speaker Presentation
2nd June 2014 (morning) G. Simonneau  Introduction
 M. Huisman  Disease Description and Epidemiology
 O. Mercier  Persistent Clots
 P. Dorfmuller  Distal arteriopathy
L. Howard  Pathophysiology
X. Jais  Diagnostic algorithm and differential  diagnosis
I. Lang  CTEPH Registry- risk factors study
2nd June 2014 (afternoon) D.Jenkins, E.Fadel  InDepth Session Surgery – Introducton
N. Morrell, I.Lang  InDepth Session Basic Research – Introduction
D.Gopalan, K.-F. Kreitner  InDepth Session Imaging – Introduction
A.Ghofrani, X. Jais  pending
3rd June 2014 (morning)  M. Madani  pending
 M. Scheffler  Int. Survey perioperative management
 J. Pepke-Zaba  Medical Treatment
M. Delcroix  Presentation not available
P. Mismetti  New anticoagulants
H. Matsubara  Angioplasty
E. Mayer  PEA- Worldwide global perspective, ICA mission
 3rd June 2014 (afternoon)  A.Torbicki, M. Delcroix  Summary of Abstracts
 C. Brochhausen et al.  Abstract C.Brochhausen
 J. Cannon et al.  Abstract J.Cannon
 M. Madani et al.  pending
 E. Moseley et al.  Abstract E.Moseley
 T. Ogo et al.  Abstract T. Ogo
 D. Taboada et al.  Abstract D. Taboada
D.Jenkins, E.Fadel  InDepth Session Surgery – Feedback
 N. Morrell, I. Lang  InDepth Session Basic Research – Feedback
D. Gopalan, K.-F. Kreitner  InDepth Session Imaging – Feedback
 A. Ghofrani, X. Jais  InDepth Session Controversies – Feedback